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You have a business idea you would like to try on the Internet but you don't know how to get started. You know web developers can cost a lot of money, and you don't want to spend a bundle before you can actually start earning some extra income. Your First Business Website tool kit will walk you through the learning curve. The best part is, there is no programming knowledge is required.

The biggest problem faced by people wanting to start something of their own online is not understanding how to put it all together. On newsgroups and discussion forms you can often see posts from people looking for help. But the topic covers a broad range of knowledge, and it isn't something that can be answered in one reply.

From Your First Business Website will learn how to work with free web templates and how to build your own using free software.

Here are some of the things you will learn to do:

bullet Discover how to add text and shadow to banners, logos, and header graphics.
bullet You will learn how to create your own images as well, and how to dress them up.
bullet How to make text flow around images by learning to align them.
bullet How to add buy now buttons, images and code.
bullet Understand FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and use it to manage your site on your hosting account. You will also learn how to set permissions on files.
bullet How to add META tags for search engines.
bullet How to make text links and menus
bullet Learn the difference between relative and absolute URLs.
bullet Understand the proper format for web pages
bullet How to make eBook covers from templates
bullet How to sell your info-product using Clickbank and PayPal on the same page.
bullet You will get an introduction to SSI (Server Side Includes) and .htaccess.
bullet How to install a cgi script to track clicks
bullet How to rotate content on your web pages
bullet And much, much more.

Here is what Larry Foster said about Your First Business Website

I just went through Steve MacLellan's new course, Your-1st-Business-Website, and I have to tell you, it made all the difference in the world in my ability to make sites.

This is a complete A-Z nuts and bolts tutorial. Everything you need to know to get your first site up and going and how to manage it once you get it online.

Now, I'm not a techie and I have built a couple sites, but it was a real chore as I tried to figure everything out from those cryptic help instructions. I tried Front Page (way too complicated) Mozilla Composer and Nvu.

Thanks, Steve. You've made it a lot easier for me and all the other all thumbs non-techie newbies.

Larry Foster

A Easy Method to Build Web Sites

Like Larry says in his testimonial, "it made all the difference in the world in my ability to make sites." Let's face it. Anything that will help you shorten the learning curve to getting your web site up and pulling in some extra cash is a bonus. This means you can make more time for your family, and have an attractive functional web site producing extra income that you can spend on your partner and children. After-all — wasn't this the whole idea behind building your first website?

You didn't decide to build a web site so you could take time away from your other interests and you certainly didn't wake up one day and say "Hey, I'm going to blow all of my extra money on info-products that will someday, help me build a website."

That "someday" never comes for many people. Some folks have literally spent years trying to master the basics of web design, because they did not have anyone to show them just how easy it can be done. Your First Business Website will do this for you.

Here is what Thom Meyer said about Your First Business Website

When Steve asked me to review his new ebook I thought I would be bored as I have been designing websites for over 3 years, boy was I wrong! Your First Business Website is the most complete book I have ever read on this subject anywhere, anytime.

Steve covers every aspect of the subject with easy to understand examples and great explanations. If you have never ever set up a website, you will be able to easily build a professional website after reading this book.

If you have built a website before you can still benefit from reading this book, I know I did. From using a HTML editor, to using an image editor, to website hosting, and everything in between, it is all here. This book is a must have for the beginning website designer, it will turn you into a pro.

Thom Meyer

Just imagine the difference this is going to make
in your ability to create web sites

Wait! There's More...

Your First Business Website includes 7 bonuses whose combined value far exceeds the introductory price for this package of $29.

These bonuses are offered to give you additional knowledge and resources that will quickly and easily shorten any learning curve. All of a sudden, the information you have been looking for, to put your profitable business idea on the web, is at your fingertips. No more waiting. You can start now.

ultra_templates.jpg 109x126 Professionally designed, direct response style, fully customizable web site templates!
templatesv2small.jpg 109x121 MORE professionally designed, direct response style, fully customizable web site templates!
ezineassistan.GIF 109x56 Ezine Assistant helps organize your ezine campaign. This program formats your email and newsletter text with hard line breaks to your specification. Also manages the content of your newsletter, while also keeping track of your issues, the content for each, and when it was published.
idiotsguideecom.gif 109x88 The Idiots Guide to E-Commerce is a book that has been written to help the e-commerce novice establish a presence on the web and actually pull a profit from the knowledge contained in this book. It covers all areas of setting up and running an e-commerce business in simple to understand text that will walk you all of the way from knowing absolutely nothing to operating a successful Internet business in no time at all.
17stepssmall.jpg 109x138 17 Simple Steps to a Killer Sales Letter
How to Save $1000's on a Professional Copy Writer...By Writing Your Own Killer Ad Copy!
Ebookomatic.gif 105x150 Publishing With EbookoMatic
An informative and helpful 52 page report that explains the challenges of electronic publishing, proper manuscript preparation. It includes everything from a Pre-Publication Checklist, to sample copyright and disclaimer notices, how to use Microsoft Word to create a table of contents, headers, footers, and how to use Styles. If you or your visitors have anything to do with ebook production, then this ebook is a must read.
tv3.gif 100x139 Traffic Virus 3.0
The Traffic Virus Submission Wizard is designed to help anyone drive more traffic to there website. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are promoting, Traffic Virus 2.0 is a sure method of generating significant extra hits for your online business!

Don't Put This OFF!

For a very limited time, if you buy now, you will also get access to a private blog that has the First Business Website posted in special, separate chapters, that you can make comments on and ask questions if you don't understand something. This extra support won't be available very long. Just take a quick peek at this excerpt (PDF format — will open in a new window) from the book to see what I mean. This entire toolkit is going to save you tons of money and frustration. You will learn how to do things you never thought would be possible for you to do.

About this toolkit and my Guarantee to you

guarantee.gif 133x121This toolkit and bonuses are all digital downloads and there isn't anything being mailed to you. You will get instant access after your purchase through Clickbank. These software products are only suitable for Microsoft Windows users and will not operate on other computer systems. They are all in their own zippered files

This eBook is being sold through ClickBank and their current return policy is as follows: ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days all sales are final. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you may request a refund during this time. You need to be 100% happy with it.

Buy Your First Business Website Now only $29
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Imagine, in 5 minutes from now you will be designing your First Business Website and put an end to the frustration and wasted money you may have experienced in the past. It is very exciting! I look forward to your success. If you need to contact me for some reason before you buy you can email me or call 1(902)843-2534.

Best Regards,
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Steve MacLellan

P.S. If you act now on this introductory offer you will get the First Business Website toolkit including all seven bonuses and access to a private blog where you can ask questions about the various chapters if you need help. Don't forget. This comes with a 90-day guarantee so you can ask for a refund if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

Buy Your First Business Website Now only $29
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