About Us

HomeBusiness Websites® is a business registered to me, Steve MacLellan. If you do a whois search, you will see the domain name was registered in 1999. I was already working online before this time, but the business was growing, and needed a home on the web.

I LOVE this job! I worked for free for a few years helping business people with their websites. I really enjoyed it too, but it started demanding too much of my free time. Then I got hurt on the job working for a company in Calgary, and it was doubtful whether I would be able to return. So I told the people I was helping online, I was going to turn this into a business and start charging for my time. Well, I lost about 85% of my clients with that announcement, but I started to grow the business with what was left.

If you care to know...

I've been married and divorced a couple of times. My daughter from my last marriage lives at home with me. I often tell her I may get married again except next time I will do it very early in the morning. That way if it doesn't work out, I haven't wasted the whole day...

In the summer months I like to spend my weekend out at my cottage beside the Bay of Fundy, here in Nova Scotia. It's always good to get a little fishing, clam digging or mountain biking in. I like to play the guitar a bit and there is the odd time when I will invite a few friends down for a BBQ, a couple of beers and play some tunes. It's in a remote location. No phone except for my cell, that doesn't work half the time, no Internet, so it makes for a great getaway.

The Future

I've been turning away a lot of business the last few years. So I'm expanding it so I can help more people with their web projects. I've got a great team of experts assembled, and between the four of us, there probably isn't anything we can't do.

Can we work together?

Our focus is on long-term clients. Not interested in installing a script or moving some images around on your website, especially if we're never going to hear from you again. They type of clients we are interested in are the business people who will be requiring work month after month. Some people just want to put up a website, and then they're done. If you're not actively working the web, it's doubtful how much business you will see. Most of the business people we work with could be classified as direct marketers.

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Some of these sites were designed by us. Other sites, were already designed, when we were hired to improve and continue deveoping them. In other cases where the design was acceptable, we did back-end programming for these clients. Back-end programming refers to making the site functional in some way — whether it's adding scripts, databases, or shopping carts.